Trailblazers Inc. 

Recruiting and supporting women while breaking down the barriers and stigma of working in the skilled trades in Canada

  • Our goal is to recruit and retain under-represented groups to the trades through mentorship and support

  • Support diversity and inclusion! Purchase a Trailblazer T-shirt to help others struggling in the trades.  Stickers are available too!   


Support future Tradeswomen!
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Make a donation on our GoFundMe page to help others who cannot otherwise receive the tools, equipment or workwear they need for success in their trade. 
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Get inspired with our one-on-one discussions with Trailblazing Tradeswomen 

Posting new podcasts each Sunday on YouTube, Buzzsprout, Google, Spotify  

Support Women 

Help women starting in the trades by making a donation to "Tools for Tradeswomen". Donate through our GoFundMe page or purchase a shirt. With your help, we can help keep others in the trades. 


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Purchase a Trailblazer Tee and help support other women in the trades. $4 from the purchase of each shirt will go to "Tools for Tradeswomen" to assist those who need tools and workwear. Want to donate to the cause? The GoFundMe link is on our website too!
"Future Trailblazer" T-shirts are available for junior tradespeople too! 
Our stickers are available too!! Get them before we sell out!